Learning Splitboard Technique Part 3- “The Importance of Moving (semi) Fast”

In my last Splitboard post I talked a lot about rushing and the whole host of dangerous mistakes that stem from it. However, itโ€™s also very possible to be on the other side of the spectrum and be moving too slow. To clarify I am not talking about physically moving too slow while skinning upContinue reading “Learning Splitboard Technique Part 3- “The Importance of Moving (semi) Fast””

Cold Redemption Part 3 of 3

As climbers we all know that reaching the summit is often only half the battle and in many cases the return trip is more dangerous. We turned around and headed down. We soon arrived at the top of the ice section to watch a group of unprepared hikers fumbling their way up the ice.

Step 3 The Gear (this is the expensive part )

When I started this project in early fall I was pretty naive to the amount of gear that would be needed to get this thing going. I kinda though all I really need was a splitboard………turns out I was way wrong. Since then I have purchased bindings, specialized boots, climbing skins, and the board. ItsContinue reading “Step 3 The Gear (this is the expensive part )”

Cold Redemption Part 1 of 3

It was 7:00am on January 29th 2017 when we arrived at the lot on Rt 47 for Slide Mountain in New Yorks Catskill Mountains. We had an uneventful drive up from Philly with zero signs of snow until we hit some light snow fall on route 28 in Saugerties. When we got to the parkingContinue reading “Cold Redemption Part 1 of 3”

Step 2 Finding “Local” Powder

Disclaimer- If you are looking for long, super steep, and exposed back country runs this info will likely not help you much, as these are foundย  mostly well outside the Philly area day trip range. The next step in my Flatlander splitboard project is to start scouting out and reporting back on some “local” backcountryContinue reading “Step 2 Finding “Local” Powder”