Home Gym Update of the Week Monday 4/20/20

Happy Monday – This week I was able to add some volumes and holds to the barn wall. Not ready to start setting routes but overall a great way to start building some endurance. Advertisements


The start of the home gym. Fighting through the endurance “pain cave” through training.

What is the Pain Cave? For many of us this may sound like some terrible scene from a movie. But any endurance athlete will tell you that it is instead a dark place that we all inevitable end up in at some point in our races, climbs, paddles or training. For me the pain caveContinue reading “The start of the home gym. Fighting through the endurance “pain cave” through training.”

“Base” Training Period for Great Range Traverse

I will start off with a disclaimer that I have used in the past: I am not a fitness professional, professional trainer, or doctor. I do however live in a totally flat area surrounded by corn fields and do decently ok in the mountains. Which is actually the reason that I started this blog, IContinue reading ““Base” Training Period for Great Range Traverse”

Learning Splitboard Technique Part 1: “Bowling Ball Piotrowski”

When I started this splitboard journey, I knew there would be a learning curve but after one full day out skinning and riding, then another day getting used to the Splitboard in the resort I was honestly thinking that I had it down. I let myself get cocky and started thinking that I was readyContinue reading “Learning Splitboard Technique Part 1: “Bowling Ball Piotrowski””

Cold Redemption Part 1 of 3

It was 7:00am on January 29th 2017 when we arrived at the lot on Rt 47 for Slide Mountain in New Yorks Catskill Mountains. We had an uneventful drive up from Philly with zero signs of snow until we hit some light snow fall on route 28 in Saugerties. When we got to the parkingContinue reading “Cold Redemption Part 1 of 3”