4 state AT challenge gear prep

Tomorrow I will be giving the 4 state challenge on the AT a try. It goes from the PA/MD border to the WV/VA border. Check out my gear prep: Advertisements


First workout in the new gym

Well it’s certainly been a process but I am finally able to start training in the barn. Last night I added the rings, power grips, and moved in all the heavy stuff like clubs & kettle bells. Now it’s time to get some rocks on the wall and pick an objective. Stay in. Stay safe.

“Base” Training Period for Great Range Traverse

I will start off with a disclaimer that I have used in the past: I am not a fitness professional, professional trainer, or doctor. I do however live in a totally flat area surrounded by corn fields and do decently ok in the mountains. Which is actually the reason that I started this blog, IContinue reading ““Base” Training Period for Great Range Traverse”

Training for Snow – Early Season Struggle Bus

It was a beautiful bluebird day at the famed Jackson Hole Ski Resort and Scott and I had just got done doing seemingly endless tree runs on the Northeast Side of the mountain. We regrouped with Laura at the top of a long steep run that went down the center of the mountain. Scott droppedContinue reading “Training for Snow – Early Season Struggle Bus”