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One of the ironic things about the Covid -19 pandemic is how it has opened my eyes to exploring new places closer to home. The plethora of state travel restrictions and respect for small rural community infrastructure has kept me out of New York. Specifically I have not traveled to the beloved Catskill mountains in 11 months. And while I dearly miss those mountains, it has opened my eyes to the Shenandoah Valley. The rocky trails that cut through Harpers Ferry, coupled with the endless adventure potential provided by the steep slopes and raging rivers have made me fall in love with the Shenandoah Valley. Over the remaining months (hopefully not years) of the pandemic I will be posting local trip reports to hopefully inspire others to get outside while also sharing tips on ways to be nicer to our trails and rivers. To kick this off please start with my previous post around my 40+ mile journey across the MD AT in one day. Link below

Crossing the AT bridge into MD from WV

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