Hi everyone. It has been a very long time since I last posted. And while I don’t want to make excuses, since my last post things have been pretty hectic but awesome. I have taken on a new job and have been lucky enough to move to the Eastern Shore of Maryland. While I often thought about moving, I never considered that it would be south. I always thought that I would end up closer to the mountains. However I could not pass on this opportunity. And while I am a bit farther from the mountains I am now in walking distance of an amazing training facility called the Chesapeake Bay. As I write this post from the loft in my house I am watching a thunderstorm dump rain and wind across the Bay. We now live on the Eastern Shore near the famous Kent Island. I feel so lucky to be able to walk out my front door and launch my SUP only a few hundred feet down the road. While its not the mountains it is an amazing area to train. The back roads are quiet, the Wye River & Bay are amazing areas to paddle, and the there are plentiful trails. However just like our last house its dreadfully flat. In fact its even flatter than the rolling fields of Oxford Pa, my watch currently says that we are just 6 feet above Sea level. While this is by no means ideal for preparing for the big mountains it certainly is a challenge that I am ready for. Stay tuned.

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