What is a Mountain Flatlander?

OK so I talk a lot about being a flatlander, but what does that actually mean? Here is the standard google definition:

“Noun. flatlander (plural flatlanders) (derogatory) A person who lives at low altitude (used by those living at higher altitudes) quotations”

Yep that pretty much sums it up, we live in flat areas and our North Country friends love to remind us of that. Ok so now what is a mountain flatlander? This one doesn’t have an established definition so here is my take:

“Mountain Flatlander- Someone who lives at a low elevation but is completely in love with playing in the mountains.”

To be more precise I think its really someone who lives in a low elevation city or area based on life circumstances like work or family. But is completely obsessed with adventuring in the mountains. This could be running, climbing, hiking………really whatever mountain sport or activity that makes you happy. The goal of this blog is to share the stories of Mountain Flatlanders as we try to keep up with our geographically privileged North Country friends.  I hope to cover a range of topics such as trip reports, gear, training, key learnings, and most importantly the stories of other mountain flatlanders.


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