Uphill Travel….

Last year I went up to NH for a weekend of Ice Climbing with Joe Miller @Sir_st33zy, however rain and warm temps kept us off the the ice. Instead we opted for some backcountry Snowboarding on the mellow slopes near the Mt Washington Cog Railroad. We agreed to hike up and ride down. I was always a snowshoe kinda guy and pretty skeptical of the splitboard set ups. However on this particular day it took Joe about 5 minutes to pack his bag (most time was spent filling the flask). However it took my about 40 min and 5 to 10 repacks to get my snowboard boots, board, helmet, and other assorted crap in my pack. I estimate that my pack was about twice as heavy and much more of a bulky junk show. I was pretty much sold on the splitboard idea after seeing it in use that morning. However after a few hours of watching Jeremy Jones youtube videos I was all in for this season.

This now brings me to the start of this project. First off I have never seen anyone split board on a PA our NY Ski Slope so I am not sure if it was allowed. It would be a shame to put out the money for the kit and then not be able to use it. Secondly I know nothing about Splitboards. Over the next few weeks I am going to share my progress on figuring it all out.

First step is to reach out to all local mountains and get their stance on uphill travel.


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